Our mission.

We are on the path to make humanity a true space-faring civilization. Through the design and development of advanced hypersonic technology and space vehicle systems, ARC will make space more accessible than ever before and propel the aerospace industry into the future. Our design approach focuses on challenging and rethinking the role of time-tested, tried-and-true technology for use within a next generation system that is resource effective and pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought unattainable.


Today the space industry is limited by what the technology allows. With our systems, it will be bounded only by the drive and ingenuity of its players.

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Our leadership team.

Led by our Founder, Othniel Mbamalu, our executive & founding team is built of experts in aerospace engineering, business and finance, and technology commercialization. From NASA & DARPA alumni to executive leadership from global tech conglomerates, our team has the experience and the drive required to build a rapid growth, world-class aerospace organization.
Othniel Mbamalu

Founder / CEO / CTO

Kelli Kedis Ogborn

President / COO

Kent Judy

Co-Founder / VP Avionics

Dane Matheson


Kate Lucey

Chief of Staff

Trever Gregory


Our advisors.

Jerry Lockenour

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Aerospace Engineer

Basil Shariff

Toyota Research Institute
Corporate Strategy and Insights

Stayne Hoff

Robotics and Unmanned Systems

Kevin Brock

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Deputy Director