The ACE Launch Vehicle.

The Ace System, a deep integration of the DELV (Vehicle) and the LEAPS (Propulsion) systems is designed so it can function as a launch vehicle, a missile system, and a high- speed point-to-point civil aviation solution.

Using Ace for either of these three applications requires little to no change in its overall design architecture. As development progresses in any one of these three applications, future developments in the other two applications benefit, which reduces research and development costs.

From an investor’s point of view, developmental progress in either of these three applications will have an amplifying effect on total ROI (i.e. as trends drive interest, Advanced Rockets Corporation will be ready with the Ace System wherever they lead).

The performance gains of the Ace System offset the “technological risk,” cost, and time-frame for its full development. We are on the verge of a new revolution in aerospace and Advanced Rockets Corporation will remain at the forefront of innovation with its ground-breaking technology.