A new dynamic to space flight.

We are on the path to make humanity a true space-faring civilization. Through the design and development of advanced technologies in propulsion and space launch systems, ARC will make space more accessible than ever before and propel the aerospace industry into the future.

Our design approach focuses on challenging and rethinking the role of time-tested, tried-and-true technology for use within a next generation system that is resource effective and pushes the boundaries of what was previously thought unattainable.

We have a three-part plan to grow ARC:

Launch Service

This is a two-part approach. First, we would offer launch services or experimental payloads (as our system matures) and then we would provide routine launch services for our strategic partners.

We might work with a legacy launch provider to fast track development.


Helping the gorvenment meet its launch and perhaps other technological goals is a path for R&D funding and has been the backbone of the Aerospace industry from its inception.


Allows initial revenue streams while further technical development is underway. We can license at both TRL 4 (heat exchange architecture design) and TRL 7 (propulsion engine design).

This can also help build brand awareness and establish business credibility.

Our hybrid air-breathing rocket engine elevates our vehicle to new heights of performance, reusability, and flexibility.

Othniel Mbamalu


Periklis Papadopoulos


Kyle Adriany

VP Propulsion

Market Strategy

We plan to leverage the efficiency of outsourcing to R&D partners where financially beneficial, to streamline operational costs and work with known and reliable resources to develop our technology. We will also leverage existing strategic partnerships for further penetration into commercial markets and with future customers.


Arkisys is the world’s first robotic space outpost for assembly, integration, resupply, research and commerce activities. ARC will provide reliable/routine launch services for transportation of their infrastructure and the projects/companies that integrate to their platform.

We are also exploring pathways to integrate into their existing government contracts for experimental payload testing, as well as joint vehicle development.


Star Harbor is developing the world’s first immersive public spaceflight training campus and commercial space R&D facility.

ARC will provide launch capabilities for their lab-to-orbit model and integrate into their R&D facility to allow for technological progression and capabilities development across the ecosystem.

This will allow ARC to be an integral part of a budding space ecosystem,  allowing for a pipeline of future customers needing reliable, cost effective rides to space.

Star Harbor

Space Impulse is a networking platform specifically for the space ecosystem.

ARC is proud to be a premier partner of this effort, regularly engaging with the platform and its users to share our progress, develop new partnerships, and identify talent as we continue to grow.

Space Impulse


Flights Per Rocket


Efficiency Improvement


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