Meet ARC’s new president Kelli Kedis Ogborn

Key Patents Granted
July 5, 2020

We are delighted to have former legislative liaison at DARPA, Kelli Kedis Ogborn join Advanced Rockets Corporation as our President!

Kelli has worked extensively within the emerging space economy. She was a main facilitator and teacher for Space Commerce Workshops, conducted by the Space Foundation, which helped position companies to take advantage of the $1 Trillion+ future space economy, authored an op-ed in the 2020 Space Report, and created a webinar for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission to assist companies in positioning themselves to compete in the future space economy.

Kelli is also a frequent panel reviewer and technology assessor for commercialization merit of government R&D proposals, mentor for entrepreneurs, speaker for STEM initiatives, and has written several op-eds on innovation and its broader market applications.

Welcome to the team Kelli!! 🚀

Visit us at:

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